Two Against Nature
TAN | Fifty And More

The Musicians:
Georg: Guitars and Basses
Poldi: Drums and Percussions

The Voice:
Jürgen "Joggel" Reuter

The Girls:
Brigitte "Biene" Bienroth, Rita Mertes

The Sound Editor:
Martin Werner | goldsoundmusic

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Fifty And More

Verse 1:
we all know the world is ageing
so I offer you this song
if we all sing together
I promise nothing can go wrong

you know the best is yet to come
without reservation
I said nothing can go wrong
you better believe it
fifty and more...
fifty and more...

Verse 2:
we were younger so much younger
but we don’t long for the past
spread the word to all the others
things get better pretty fast



Verse 3:
may be we lost a little ‘freshness’
but became outrageously wise
give the news to those few youngsters
a grey world ’s on the rise



©2009 by Two Against Nature